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RealShot Manager Lite

Entry level camera management software for IP security cameras. Free to download and fully HD compatible for up to 9 cameras.

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IP-based security camera systems have many advantages over analog, but they need effective management software to harness the intelligence-gathering potential.

RSM-Lite is the entry-level video management software for Sony's range of IP security cameras. It has the same intuitive interface as the full version, and is designed for small and medium sized businesses with up to nine cameras.

It is optimized for ease of use and straightforward installation. A software wizard guides users through setup and registration, and recording just takes one click.

With zero cost, Full HD compatibility and a huge existing user base, RSM-Lite is an easy choice for small business security.

  • Cost effective

    All the benefits of a powerful video management software, at no extra cost

  • Most proven solution

    Over 90,000 cameras are already managed by RSM software

  • HD camera support

    RSM-Lite has full support for new HD and Full-HD cameras, so you can work with the highest-quality images

  • Optimized for small to medium businesses

    Functionality is designed to meet the requirements of small to medium businesses with simple installation and extreme ease of use

  • Plug and play installation with installation wizard

    Easy to install with plug and play simplicity, automatic camera discovery and wizard guides to set up configuration and layout

  • Automatic 'One Click' Recording

    Easy-to-start recording with a simple one-button click means that you're always ready to capture incidents as they happen

  • Support for Windows 7®

    RSM-Lite runs on Windows 7® - the latest version of the Microsoft® operating system

  • Easily upgradable to full version, RSM-AD

    RSM-Lite has an easy upgrade path to RSM-AD: the full version of RealShot Manager

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