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High Frame Rate software for Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection system

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High Frame Rate capabilities made simple

The High Frame Rate (HFR) software for Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems makes it easy to show 2D and 3D content in 2K at 48 frames per second (fps), 50fps, 60 fps as well as normal 24 fps.

Systems which include the software as standard include the latest, next generation Sony SRX-R510 and SRX-R515 4K digital cinema projection systems and the SRX-R510 DS, SRX-R515 DS and SRX-R320 DS dual projection systems.

All that is required for existing SRX-R320/LMT-300 and SRX-R220/LMT-200 systems to accommodate HFR movies is a simple software upgrade to V2.50 and purchase of the LSM-A1 High Frame Rate License. There is no additional investment in hardware or server technology required.

Just a simple upgrade for SRX-R320 and SRX-R220 projection systems
For new and existing customers of SRX-R320/LMT-300 and SRX-R220/LMT-200 4K digital cinema projection systems, the software upgrade for the media servers and projector heads is incredibly easy and convenient to install and requires a one-off license purchase. No new hardware is required.

Server optimisation
The HFR software upgrade increases the media block bit rate capability to 500Mbps to accommodate the increased data rates of HFR images.
* Please note that in order to show 3D content the projector needs to have been installed/equipped with a 3D system.