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Data Transmitter for Entertainment Access Glasses

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Data Transmitter creates complete ‘closed caption’ cinema subtitling system with STW-C140GI Entertainment Access Glasses (available separately).

The compact transmitter connects directly with a range of cinema servers by Sony and other third-party vendors (e.g. Doremi Labs Inc and Dolby Laboratories Inc). Inputs are provided for closed caption information (SMPTE format) as well as HI and VI-N format audio.

Using license-exempt RF spectrum, closed captions (plus enhanced audio or audio description) are transmitted from the STWA-C101 to cinema patrons. Subtitles are decoded and displayed using STW-C140GI glasses for easy, comfortable viewing by cinema customers with hearing difficulties.

A generous operating radius of up to 40m allows the STWA-C101 to be used successfully even in large cinema auditoriums.

Together with STW-C140GI Entertainment Access Glasses, the STWA-C101 Data Transmitter brings exciting movie experiences to a wider range of cinema patrons. This complete system also helps exhibitors achieve valuable service differentiation and increase customer traffic.

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STW-C140GI & STWA-C101 brochure

STW-C140GI & STWA-C101 brochure

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