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Entertainment Access Glasses

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Delivering a more enjoyable, social movie-going experience for hearing-impaired patrons – plus fresh revenue opportunities for theatre owners

The light, stylish glasses allow hearing-impaired patrons to enjoy their own ‘closed caption’ subtitles in privacy and comfort during normal movie screenings. Exhibitors can boost customer traffic and maximise revenues by reducing dependency on special sub-titled presentations that are often unpopular with patrons and screened at unsociable hours. Using patented holographic technology by Sony, closed caption subtitles appear to float at a comfortable distance in front of the viewer’s eyes. Unlike conventional ‘burned in’ subtitles, captions are only seen individually by customers wearing Entertainment Access Glasses.

  • Offers a more enjoyable movie-going experience

    Provides closed caption subtitles for hard of hearing and deaf audience.

  • Holographic closed caption

    With Sony’s unique holographic technology, closed caption text appears to float in the air at a comfortable distance from the viewer.

  • Part of the flexible Sony system

    Sony Entertainment Access Glasses work with separate STW-C140X receiver box and STWA-C101 data transmitter to form a flexible system for theatre owners.

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STW-C140GI & STWA-C101 brochure

STW-C140GI & STWA-C101 brochure

3D Filters for Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses

3D Filters for Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses

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