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High quality 4K digital cinema projection system

True 4K projection ideal for independent cinemas

The SRX-R515P is designed for use in small or medium sized screen auditorium. The projection system, which has a smaller body than the SRX-R320, is fully DCI compliant and boasts design features that make it cost effective and simple to use. These include a low cost light source system that allows easy and safe lamp replacement, a washable air filter, a single 15-inch GUI control panel and iPad and Android tablet support for remote operations.

Ideal for independent cinemas, it offers true 4K quality from the lens to the integrated media block. It features an improved SXRD optical engine, high contrast ratio of 8000:1, 15,000 lumens brightness, Sony 3D, and high frame rate capabilities up to 60 frames per second. It also provides high-speed content ingest/transfer and high capacity storage.

  • True 4K images in lens and integrated media block

    True 4K projection that conforms to the DCI specification.

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SRX-R515P Next-generation 4K digital cinema projector

SRX-R515P Next-generation 4K digital cinema projector

White paper : High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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