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Video security solutions for retailers

A close-up on Video security solutions for the retail market. Today’s retailers must contend with several in-store surveillance challenges. With increased exposure to theft; taking steps to minimise losses is of utmost importance to this market.

Video security solutions for retailers

Large-scale retailers must extend their view over potentially thousands of square footage, in turn requiring integrated video security solutions to ensure the safety and security of their customers and leaseholders.

Shop owners however, must weigh up the advantages of upgrading their surveillance solution against the financial outlay they consider viable, with only 30% of the market having currently upgraded to IP network systems. Yet, with innovative technology offering easy migration to IP, an increasing amount of the retail market are looking to further enhance their existing video security performance.

Reducing the cost of crime

According to the Worldwide Shrinkage Survey – an analysis of losses caused by theft from commercial outlets – European retailers suffered a loss of over €36m due to crime in 2010, causing companies to increase their spend on loss prevention systems, such as CCTV, by 7.9%. This increase goes some way to accounting for the reduction in shrinkage seen in Europe over the last year. Professor Joshua Bamfield, Director of the Centre for Retail Research states:

“The correlation between increased security spending and a global 5.6% decrease in theft is very significant. It highlights the importance of continued advancement and improvement of loss prevention programs, as reducing theft is key to the success and growth of retailers’ business”.

Subsequently, retailers are becoming acutely aware of the need to adopt more effective policies, like High Definition Internet Protocol (HD IP) systems, to ensure the security of their business environment. Installers are therefore in a prime position to tailor an offering to a retailer’s needs.

Sony’s surveillance solution

As Europe’s leading provider of HD technology, Sony offers the widest portfolio of the most intelligent technology in Video Security, encompassing both high-end and entry-level hardware and software, providing businesses with the most accessible and effective solution for their needs. HD picture quality comes as standard throughout all products and retailers can rely on perfect picture quality even in low light situations through advanced and unique infra red and DVR technology.

All devices on offer from Sony, whether it be a high-level IP network camera or entry level X-Series camera are installation friendly and easy to operate. In fact, installers have halved installation time, enabling them to service two mid-size stores over one night – helping them increase profits by as much as 50%. Furthermore, with the option to provide a migration solution from the retailer’s existing platform, businesses do not have to completely replace their CCTV systems, even when deciding to move from analogue to HD IP. This helps reduce their outlay costs and minimises the disruption caused by installation and maintenance procedures.

Looking to the future

The use of HD IP technology looks set to be even more pivotal to the success of retail businesses in an increasing competitive financial environment.

Security is an important consideration, however a growing trend in the market sees retailers using the technology to capture customer behaviour and assess how well a store is performing against its sales objectives. For example, staff can view heat maps for ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots of their outlet to enable them to generate sales from the best locations. Installers can use this insight to build long-standing business relationships with retailers, and should capitalise on this trend when recommending surveillance solutions for their customers.

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