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Protect every office space with C Series network cameras

C Series ‘all-in-one’ network security cameras are a cost-effective choice for protecting a wide range of office spaces – from meeting areas to lobbies, entrances and more.

Protect every office space with C Series network cameras

Security that’s great for business

Safeguard your business with Sony: it’s never been easier or more cost-effective with the new generation of ‘all-in-one’ C Series network security cameras.

The SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 are an ideal solution for monitoring and protecting a wide range of office environments – from public areas and reception desks to meeting rooms and unattended store rooms. The cameras’ ultra-compact design blends discreetly into any modern office space – you’ll hardly notice it’s there. But inside the unobtrusive housing is plenty of intelligence to keep people and personal property safe, at all times of the day or night.

The easy-to-install unit includes a sensitive camera with a high-resolution Exmor CMOS sensor that captures crisp HD video images. With a wide angle lens covering a broad 120° field of view, office areas can be monitored using fewer cameras – driving down system costs and cutting installation complexity.

Sony’s acclaimed IPELA ENGINE EX processing technology includes XDNR (Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) and Visibility Enhancer for clear images, even in low light when other cameras struggle. It’s easier to recognise faces and spot unusual activity, giving extra reassurance to staff and visitors alike. Video footage can be viewed remotely on an ordinary PC’s web browser, or even on a smartphone that can also be used to control the camera.

Unusually for a camera at this price, C Series also includes a passive IR sensor that can literally see in the dark. The presence of an intruder can automatically switch on the camera’s bright LED illuminator to act as an effective deterrent around the clock.

And that’s not all. The sensor can trigger playback of a pre-recorded voice alert – such as “you are being recorded on closed circuit television” – through the built-in speaker to give unwelcomed visitors an even bigger surprise. In parallel with this, the camera can send an email alert notification to a smartphone, together with an attached image of the intruder’s image.

Video can also be recorded straight onto the camera’s memory card – either in response to movement in the camera’s field of view, or if an intruder attempts to tamper with it or disconnect network cables.

As an extra refinement, the SNC-CX600W has Wi-Fi-built in with easy one-button network set-up. Dramatically simplifying installation, it cuts costs further by avoiding the need to lay extra networking cables.

With C Series cameras from Sony, discreet protection for modern office environments has never been smarter, simpler or more affordable.