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Great contrast, more detail, better pictures

In the cinema, image quality is about much more than sheer resolution and brightness. Contrast ratio plays a big part in determining the quality of images we see projected on screen. Even at lower light levels, high-contrast images look far clearer and more realistic, with sparkling highlights and rich, deep blacks. Our R500 series 4K digital cinema projectors offer an industry-leading contrast ratio of up to 8000:1 for detail-packed pictures that audiences love, in any size of theatre.

4K means lots of detail

But that’s not the whole story. Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors also deliver images with an extremely high contrast ratio. That’s the difference between dark and light areas in the same scene, like a brightly twinkling star on a pitch-black night.
The advanced optical engine inside our SRX-R515P projector delivers bright, beautiful images with an incredible 8,000:1 contrast ratio – way ahead of internationally-recognised digital cinema standards and close to the limits of human vision.
Its not just about high brightness, although brightness is important contrast is what gives you an impressive picture quality showing all the detail and a lifelike image.

High contrast for life-like images

The SRX-R515 optical engine can create high contrast 8000:1 images by reducing leaked light, giving a more life-like picture with very dark blacks.

Audiences are pulled right into the action with immersive 4K detail and rich, lifelike colour. Utilising the 8,000:1 contrast ratio performance of the SRX-R515 projector head, the SRX-R515DS assures best-possible image quality with deep blacks and sparkling highlights.

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